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What's The Future?

And What Can We Do About It?

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Let's Make the Future an Integral One

 Somewhere between an Integral Living Room, an Integral Incubator, and a What Next Conference there is a field – meet us there!

This past November, we gathered to consider how we can make a positive difference in the world.  Each and every attendee came prepared with an open heart and mind, great ideas for strategically inserting an integral consciousness into the world, and a desire to have fun doing it.

We joined to take advantage of the current chaos to re-direct the stream and create positive strange attractors.

What are integralists doing now?

What might an integral future look like?

How we can be more effective and strategic?

How we can support each other?



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Our Presenters

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Themes and Resources

Working groups will be formed around the following domains. Please indicate your top two interests when registering on the checkout page. Once you have registered, you will have access to the Resources pages. We will eliminate themes without sufficient interest.

  1.  Existential threat
  2.  Social justice  
  3.  Business
  4.  Human transformation 
  5.  Spirituality
  6.  Politics and conflict 
  7.  Arts, music, and entertainment
  8.  Education
  9.  Healthcare 
  10.  Technology and AI
  11. Languaging and media
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